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"Marcy's guidance was pivotal to both my boys during the difficult process of deciding which universities to apply to and maneuvering the application process.  My kids attended public schools where the number of kids they were responsible for overwhelmed the guidance counselors, and Marcy was always available to answer questions and provide personalized support. Her knowledge, availability and vigilance during the application process resulted in two highly successful college graduates...on from Penn and one from Cal. need I say more?"               Marin  County CA Parent

“My wife and I came to Marcy knowing that our teenage daughter needed to find a special college for her to grow and flourish, and we knew a big anonymous school would not do. Marcy was able to connect Sophie with a range of small but wonderful schools that we had never heard of, most of which accepted her. In amongst them was Lawrence University which turned out to be a perfect fit for her, and now Sophie is excited about going to college instead of fearful like she had always been before she met Marcy"                 Marin  County CA Parent

“Marcy was great! She provided superior college counseling, from advice regarding high school course work and extracurricular activities to college selection and application assistance. Beyond that, she is a great motivator, has incredible insight into the young adult personality, and demonstrates care and concern for each student’s unique situation. Both the parents and students in our family appreciated her availability by phone or e-mail for the many questions that came up during the process! We have recommended her services to many of our friends and will continue to do so.”

         Napa County CA Parent

“Our two boys couldn't be more different.  One was a student athlete with exception grades and test scores, a myriad of interests, and no idea where he wanted to go, or what he wanted to study.  The other, who struggles with dyslexia, and predictably had mixed school success, thought he knew just what he wanted to do and where he wanted to go.  Both boys "clicked" with Marcy, enjoyed the process, expanded their thinking, felt significantly less stressed about the decisions, and ultimately had successful outcomes.  We recommend Marcy without reservation.”

     Sonoma County CA Parent, RIT, USC students

“My two children went to very different types of colleges because they are very different people. Marcy helped find the "best fit" for each. She guided them through the application process and kept them on track! She was also good at keeping me in the loop. I highly recommend Marcy Hamilton. “

   Santa Clara County CA  Parent of Penn and Colorado College students

“After having struggled through the college application process with my first two children, I decided to seek the advice of a professional for my third child. Wow!  What a difference!  Marcy simplified the college application process in so many ways. She guided us through a timetable effectively preparing my son for the eventual application and essays he would write.  She was able to draw him out with her amazing ability to talk and relate to young adults.  This was invaluable when he wrote his essays.  Her interviews enabled him to recognize his unique strengths and abilities. And… she gave him advice and he listened to her!!   He valued her opinion because he recognized, as did I, her expertise.  She introduced him to a multitude of schools and their programs. The bottom line is that he was accepted to some great engineering schools. He will be attending one of his top choice universities in the fall and we are all ecstatic!  Thank you Marcy! “      San Francisco  CA Parent

“Marcy did a terrific job of assessing our son's strengths and interests, and focusing him on his college choices and applications.  He found just the right school for his career objectives and personality!”            San Mateo County CA Parent of Connecticut College student

“It is hard for me to believe, but my sons and I have been working with Marcy for over ten years and I still have one more son to go!  Marcy has been instrumental in helping my four, eventually, five sons, with the arduous college process.  Instead of having one more thing to nag your kids about; once you turn the process over to Marcy, there is no need to worry or nag.  The kids have such a great rapport with Marcy and she is able to individualize the process for each child.  Each of my sons have chosen a school that is unique to them and by having the opportunity to work with Marcy over the period of a few years, she is able to get to know their individual personalities and help suggest colleges that would be the best fit. It has been a pleasure to work with Marcy; and I look forward to having her help me with my fifth son as well!”        Marin  County CA Parent

“Marcy is an extremely helpful person. The whole process of college admissions not only scared me but also my two sons that worked with her. She just made everything easier on all of us. Because of her knowledge, skill set, professionalism, and experience my two children were able to get accepted to schools that they love. My oldest son is currently in law school down in Irvine after having Marcy's help, not only for law school admission but also undergraduate admissions to the University of San Francisco. My youngest was able to receive multiple acceptance letters before choosing the University of Oregon. Without Marcy, it would have been a very stressful. She is extremely easy to reach, makes herself always available and always has a smile on her face.                             Solano County CA Parent


“Marcy Hamilton is the most compassionate, well-informed and motivational college counselor that an aspiring college student could ever hope to work with. From strategically helping to choose colleges to visit to carefully advising a student how to choose among great options, Marcy is an engaged and invaluable mentor. She worked tirelessly with me for a year and a half and together we discovered not only the best colleges for me but also how to prepare my applications in order to give me the best chances at being admitted. I ended up at the school of my dreams and will be forever grateful for Marcy's guidance!”        Harvard BA, Yale Law School

"Before I met with Marcy, I was overwhelmed by the process of applying to college. But after our first meeting, I felt completely ready and capable to tackle the applications. The best part about working with Marcy was that she took the time to learn who I was, and helped me find the school that was the best fit. I couldn't have been more happy with my choice!"                   USC student

“The task of finding and applying to colleges was completely overwhelming to me.  I had no idea even how to start.  As a Musical Theater performer, I wanted a school that incorporated all the aspects of the industry, but wasn't too far from home, and a school that I could best shine in and not get lost in the shuffle.  Not only didn't I have the grades for a Conservatory, Marcy knew that my personality and traits wouldn't flourish in that environment.  Marcy knew that a reputable, small school close to home, but far enough away was the answer for me.  Marcy knew the college application process backwards and forwards.  She's current and up to date with schools all over the country. She asked me a series of questions and got to know what I envisioned for my future.  University of Northern Colorado was the final decision and I will always be grateful.  I didn't even know of this school before Marcy.  College is a life experience, not just a numbers game.  Marcy is warm and intuitive directing the student to a richly fulfilling life experience and education.  Marcy also helped me after college as I delved into using the skills I developed.  Off I went to NYC to find my theatrical career. She gave me the tools and connection to a NYC showbiz agent. I'm very grateful for Marcy's wisdom, kindness, and guidance throughout those moldable years.”

       Broadway Musical Theatre Performer

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