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Marcy Hamilton
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For parents and students who wish a “hands-on” and comprehensive approach to the college admissions process,

Marcy provides an invaluable service.

What does this mean to you as a parent?

Many parents realize that even if they know a lot about the college admissions process, their children would probably not listen to them.  Often a third person can be an advocate for the needs and desires of both parent and child and create a win-win, stress-free situation for all concerned.

What does this mean for your child?

Teenagers may not realize that time management is a most valuable skill. They are very, very busy, and the distractions of adolescence are many.  Now they can have support and coaching from a personal college trainer who will get to know them well and help them formulate a plan for college success.  Marcy knows all the strategies, but the student must and will own the process.


Because Marcy is a credential English teacher and a professional writer,  the student will be able to “Ace” a Freshman Composition Course as well as dazzle admissions officers.


Not all students and their families will need or want all of the services listed above. An initial consultation can determine what is most suitable for your child. Wherever the program, know that Marcy will work diligently to provide your child with the best advice available to select the perfect college for them.

The selection of a college or university that is a perfect “fit” for the student has no simple answer.  While some will be happier and perform well in a small personalized institution, others will excel in a larger university environment. Depending on the student’s choice of majors, there are vast differences in academic excellence among the wide array of colleges.  Many times, even renown universities or those with outstanding academic reputations may not be best for the student’s field of study.  Marcy’s extensive experience gives her the knowledge and insight to know where the student will be comfortable and achieve their academic goals at an exceptional university that is a perfect fit for them.

College is more than learning … it’s a life defining experience.


It is important to note that I am a college admissions expert and mentor in this process. I am here to demystify it and to give you and your child current and accurate information. I am a behind-the-scenes guide, and my role is to motivate your child to present him or herself in the best possible light to a varied list of schools I see suitable. I strive to find a good college fit - a school where your child can be comfortable academically and socially. I fully subscribe to the Principles and Practices of the National Association of College Admissions Counseling. (See NACAC SPGP in Resources) I do not have any clout with the colleges, nor do I see myself as a person who proactively promotes your child with admissions staff. With my guidance my students will be able to let their applications speak for them.

 Marcy Hamilton